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In-Home Health Care Services, Inc.

We are all aware that the time may come when we will need some form of living assistance whether it's because of an illness, injury or simply the need for assistance in maintaining a safe and stable environment within the home for any individual young or old. We honestly believe that when that time comes, it is best for everyone if that assistance can be obtained while living at home. We can relieve the pressure and help lighten the load.


Our purpose is to provide services that will allow our clients to continue to live independently or to get back to living independently. In short we try to keep people out of nursing homes and foster care homes.


We help maintain clients' independence and dignity by helping them stay at home while eliminating those tasks too large for them to handle on their own. By helping with weekly errands such as, grocery shopping, providing shower aids, and helping clients into and out of bed, and simple housework a lot of stress can be alleviated. We even provide companionship for those clients who have a need or are if safety concerns are an issue we will have someone there to assist too.


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