Providing Professional Living Assistance for the Home-Bound

We are all aware that the time may come when we will need some form of living assistance whether it’s because of an illness, or injury or simply the need for assistance in maintaining a safe and stable environment within the home. We honestly believe that when that time comes, it is best for everyone if that assistance can be obtained while living at home. Give us a call today and let us help you. We can relieve the pressure and help lighten the load. With in- home assisted living, we help maintain clients’ independence by helping with weekly errands, grocery shopping, providing shower aids, and helping clients into and out of bed, simple housework that is just too much work for them to keep up with. We even provide companionship to assure that they are safe and have someone to assist them if needed (more companionship comes with Dementia, Sundowners or Stroke patients). Mission – To provide the highest quality of care possible to our clients, thereby earning the trust of our clients, their families, friends and the communities where they live. We strive to provide the highest quality of assisted living, adult day care and personable care to those that require professional assistance due to aging, illness, or injury. Our belief is that an individual in need will thrive most in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of their own home.
The goal is to maintain dignity and independence, alleviating undue stress and eliminating safety concerns. In Home Health Care Services offers assisted living services, adult or senior day care services, respite care services and in home nursing care services. We have friendly, honest staff members that include Registered Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants, and trained Home Health Aides. Employees are licensed and bonded, certified in CPR and First Aid, drug-free, and have passed rigorous background checks.

  • Maintain our clients’ independence and ability to remain in their own home.
  • Coordinate with families, physicians and health and welfare agencies to provide the best care possible.
  • To make our clients feel they are our first priority at all times.
  • Provide reliable assistance, kind and compassionate staff to our clients.
  • Employees that show knowledge and understanding of all circumstances.
  • Work hard–you are on the clock–you should be providing service.
  • Employees must be reliable for their clients and the company.
  • Employees also show accountability to incidents or conflicts.

With our help, living in your own home as you get older can be a magical experience.

Meet Our Team

Owner – Angie Ayers

Angie Ayers, Owner and President of In-Home Health Care Services knew from a young age she wanted to own her own business. At the age of 17, she attended courses for budding entrepreneurs and at 18 received training for and obtained her Certified Nursing Assistant license. From that time-on, Angie was destined to provide caring, compassionate services for citizens in the Grand Traverse area. In-Home Health Care Services prides itself on being one of the longest running, locally owned home-care agencies in the Grand Traverse Area. Established in 1991, In-Home Health Care Services has a proven track record of providing quality, client focused care. One of our greatest joys is seeing clients reach for and obtain their goals- no matter how small. We treat every client and their family as individuals and work hard to gain and maintain the trust of those we serve. In-Home Health Care Services works directly with local agencies that serve seniors, the disabled and those with cognitive differences. We also work with long-term care insurance providers and private-pay clients. We encourage you to contact us– we look forward to working with you and our community partners.

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